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The Professional Articles section of the Racine Wide Web began in January 2008 and provides a convenient opportunity for local professionals to share their expertise with the Racine community. Articles are listed in the order they were received with the most recent articles on top.

Racine Health Clubs Pros & Cons

Written by Rob Cranley

Posted: 3/27/08

Born and raised in Racine, I have probably been a member of every health club in town with the exception of Racine's newest club on the West side of town. Some of these clubs are no longer around or they are under new management. While each of them have had their pros and cons the thing I remember most is the people that worked at the health club and the people that worked out there.


In keeping with the spirit of this web page I am not making any endorsements, but I'd like to use a few examples from the past. Read Full Article

Capturing the Racine Internet Generation

Written by Matt Krones

Posted: 2/04/08

Today, effective marketing strategies are no longer limited to print medias.  As increasing numbers of Racine's residents no longer subscribe or read newspapers, the emphasis has shifted to computers and internet web sites. 

The baby boomer generation (born 1946-1964) are often the least appreciative of this shift even though they are often the owners of established businesses.  Following them is Generation X (born 1963-1981) who are increasingly making important business decisions. This generation likely had a computer in their twenties if not before, but the internet was primarily a tool for email and bulletin boards.  As a member of this generation and living in Racine, my classmates at Racine Washington Park High School who had home computers used them almost exclusively as high tech typewriters. Read Full Article

Affordable Racine Business Web Sites

Written by Rob Cranley

Posted: 12/22/07

There was a time when web page design and web site hosting were expensive. One look at the number of Racine businesses with a company web site is a great indication of how expensive these web sites were. Several local Racine business owners have revealed to me that they paid over $1,000 for their web site. More than a handful admitted to paying between $3,000 and $5,000.


Today, both web page design software and web page skills cost next to nothing. Anyone can download powerful web site design software for free. Such software, NVU Web Design Software, is a good example, is "open source" and made available to anyone. When it comes to skills all one has to do is contact their local high school and ask about web design classes and/or clubs that any kid can sign up for. Read Full Article


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